About The Book

The book magically captures the excitement, the thrill, and the self-rewarded feelings as they turn in the cockpit into a passion. It describes the emotions in stressful situations in multiple incidents; as fighter pilots, as pilots flying professionally, or flying for pleasure. The author demonstrates that “those who try flying are forever infected by the experience.” To demonstrate perfectly, the author brings his own experience into the pages, as well as live interviews with world achievers in aviation. He artfully describes their actions and emotions in moments that saved their lives.

Highlight of The Book

Professional vs. “Recreational”

These references are wrong and must be removed from aviation’s vocabulary. All pilots must be professionals if they wish to survive the experience. The aircraft does not care who flies it. If the pilot is careless, sloppy, or reckless, the plane will sooner or later bite, no matter what ticket he or she holds—all must strive to get to a top level of proficiency and flying professionalism— commercial or private.

My Introduction to Aviation

I was first introduced to flying at the age of seventeen and a half. At that age, I was enlisted in mandatory military service and arrived at the military’s recruitment center for four weeks of rigorous examinations of every kind, from physical condition to phycological aptitude and whatnot. The conditions at the camp were just awful for a young teenager coming from a warm home. The treatment of the recruits by the low-level personnel was humiliating, and the food was even worse.

Solo Flights

I did my first solo in a Piper J-3 Cub. This light plane was manufactured by Piper Aircraft between 1938 and 1940. Flying the Cub was a delight. While it was slow at approx. 80 MPH, flying it low and slow was quite exciting. I was required to be ready for a solo flight after some 10-12 hours of instructions. The Cub was quite a challenge for a first-time teenage flyer, as we were required, by standards of that time, to land it on three points (two main and one back gear) simultaneously. I proudly soloed after only 7 hours. Yet, in civil aviation, there is no rush, and every new pilot takes her or his time to achieve that goal.

Chapter One

The Buzz, Revisited

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    This is a love story of people who have a passion for flying or following aviation in its many forms. Some are enthusiasts practicing their passion for flying or learning to fly. Mostly recreationally, on weekends. This occupation requires dedication and much time and resources to achieve the utmost of the activity. For me, it was the flying itself, exploring, investigating, and analyzing other pilots’ unique experiences. I have been doing this for over sixty years, and my work has been published in many aviation publications as well as in TV programs around the world. I owned two gliders and a Mooney and flew on over forty different aircraft. Yet, for me, life did not revolve around flying alone. I was extremely busy in my various businesses over many decades. Yet, always found time for this other passion.